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When I found this graphic set, I knew that
I should included it in the Christian Family
pages of Daily Reflections Poetry, but I did
not have a poem to go with it.

So, I got in touch with the Poet's Nest, and
asked if they would do a graphic challenge
for this page.  The group as usually came up
trumps and all poems written were put to the
vote, minus the author, the winning poem is
below and I congratulate the Winner and those
who wrote for the challenge.

I Thank You from the bottom of my heart for 
giving this page the final touch needed.
God Bless You


When Daddies Pray

Dear Lord, thank you for my precious son,
A childhood blessed with laughter and fun.
Each day as he runs and plays and sings,
I'm filled with the wonder that children bring.

My prayer for him, "May life be kind,"
Oh Lord, protect his body and mind.
I pray that goodness will fill his heart,
May it forever remain, but sadness depart.

Deep in his soul there's a glorious star
May he follow it, Lord,  it will lead him far.
He'll reach the stars, his dreams will come true,
He'll stand on his own and believe in you.

Life may be hard,  there's mountains ahead,
Accept life's challenges with courage not dread.
No matter what happens,  he'll overcome,
I offer this prayer to my precious son.


© JackiePA
April 2003. Used with author's permission
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Poet's Nest is a wonderful group of
people,who have become close friends.
If you'd like to join them, the link is
here to Subscribe.....Believe me, you
will have many Blessings daily.
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