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Dear Child, 

When you invite Me into your life, 
you become a member of a great family--
the family of faith. 

These sisters and brothers are not perfect; 
they often fail, and I see the many ways they 
hurt one another. 

But nonetheless, they are Mine, and I am at 
work in their hearts.  And part of My work  can 
be accomplished only through you. 

I need you to join with them and to participate 
in the process of being changed.  For I made you 
unique and special, and no one else can bring what 
you bring to the group. 

And as My family of faith comes together, exchanging
ideas, praying for one another, and forgiving each 
other, they all become better people.  That pleases Me. 

So, get to knows those who are following Me and see 
                        what a fulfilling and pleasant experience it can be!

      In Unity    The Father of All

Author Unknown


Performed by 
This beautiful midi entitled "Dancing Raindrops", is an original composition and 
performance by Mary Hession.  It retains her sole ©copyright and is used 
with her full permission.  Visit her wonderful site Living Sounds