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From God's Hands To Yours

A miracle it is said
of each girl and boy born.
Sown seeds of Love
that parents can enjoy.

Most babies are perfection.
Although some may have a flaw
These will need acceptance.
It is God's most Holy Law.

Made in His own image,
these sweet little ones
have only just left Father
for their earthly homes.

So treat them like treasure
for that is what they are.
Little tiny bits of Heaven
having traveled so very far.

Just nourish them gently.
Like plants they will grow
Creating such loving memories,
Heavenly Father deems it so.

A child is His precious gift.
So innocent, loving and pure.
Sent from Heaven up above.
From God's Hands to yours.

© ~© Lottie Ann Knox April 13, 2001~ 
All Rights Reserved




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