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There it goes again
Seems like a zillion times a day
Why can't she entertain herself?
Why can't she just play?

For four years now this has gone on
Mommie this and mommie that
Before she came all I had to worry about
Was just the dog and cat

My schedule is turned upside down
The moments go too fast
Sometimes I think to myself
Just how long can I last?

My world is built around her
I have no life of my own it seems
Sometimes even when I finally sleep
She is right there in my dreams

I wonder what it is now
I have to go and see
I have to be there for her
For she depends on me

Finally it's bedtime
I'm tired as I can be
I listened to her prayers and tucked her in
Then she looked up at me

Then she said the magic words
"I love you Mommie" and gave me her angel smile
I look up to heaven and thank the Lord
For giving me this beautiful child

Of course It's worth it all
For so much joy does she bring
In my heart I know even if I could
I wouln't change a thing.

I've never been a mommie but I am a daddy and a 
granddaddy and a great grandaddy.and I wouldn't 
want anything to change either except I wish they 
lived close by so I could hug them and tell them 
how much I love them every day.

God Bless all

 Jack Young (c) 6/28/02
Used with author's permission 
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Music "The Rainbow"
Used with permission  Bruce Deboar