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~ No One Knew ~

As she came home that afternoon,
She didn't realize it would come so soon.
She sat down with a sigh on her bed,
And laid down her little head.

She couldn't hold it in any more,
She couldn't see what she was suffering for.
And she could no longer fight the pain,
Tearing her apart, again and again.

So she let the tears flow,
This pain no one could ever know.
She always tries the best she can,
But she knew no one would ever understand.

And with that she picked up the knife,
And sadly decided to take her own life.
Finally the knife dropped to the floor,
And the sad little girl was no more.

She will never feel the joy of love,
The love she had always dreamt of.
She will never again see the day,
Because it was all taken away.

If only someone had dried her tears,
That little girl might still be here.
And if only someone had shown her they cared,
Her own life she might have spared.

If only she didn't feel such a strong hate,
But she did, and now its too late.

~ By angelforever ~
© 2000 All rights reserved
Used with permission



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Music "Tears For All The Children"
Used with permission  Bruce DeBoar