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"Today I" 

Today I walked outside for a while, 
to soak in some rays of spring sun. 
I was feeling pretty awesome till I noticed, 
so many things that needed to be done. 

My outside glass table was covered in dust, 
for a nice picnic this just wouldn't do. 
My flower beds needed weeding, 
and the azaleas needed trimming too. 

I noticed the squirrel feeder is empty, 
and the hummingbird nectar is dry. 
Some of my hanging baskets will need water, 
before they wither up and die. 

The flag which usually flies so free, 
last night got tangled by the wind. 
A huge old oak shed some very big limbs, 
tossing them all over the yard again. 

I couldn't take it any longer I thought, 
let me at least go straighten the flag. 
On the way I grabbed a sack of peanuts, 
fed the squirrels the whole dang bag. 

I then cleaned my picnic table, 
picked up the limbs from out of the yard. 
Mixed up my hummingbirds a dose of juice, 
by now I had gotten really tired. 

I sit down on my lawn chair laid back my head, 
closed my eyes and listened to the baby birds. 
Thought to myself I love the country life, 
then came back in and wrote down these words. 

Author:  ~ Angela Wilson ~ Copyright  2003 
Used with author's permission 
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This beautiful midi entitled Guardian Angel,, is an original composition and performance by Mary Hession.  It retains her sole ©copyright and is used with her full permission.  Visit her wonderful siteHERE.